O.G.C || NFTsnapback is the first physical snapback hat collection that is backed by an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and metaverse ready wearable item. Creating unique apparel experiences in both the physical and virtual world.

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O.G.C || NFTsnapback Journey So Far..

NFTsnapback has quietly been building since 2021 with the goal of creating a metaverse apparel brand that blends the digital and physical world through merchandise helping to create identities, form communities and stimulate creative expression. Through various light bulb moments, we are finally ready to share our high quality, unique range of product(s) and services with the #NFTcommunity!

  • How It Started:

    The O.G.C || NFTsnapback brand was inspired by my involvement with the CyberKongz community. CyberKongz have created a very distinct brand in the space, forming its own identity and tribe. Observing how a digital profile picture (PFP) project can be so powerful in uniting people of all different genders, ethnicities, and creed under a common set of values and ethos it became apparent that digital identities and communities will have an important part to play in the formation of culture. We also believe that it is inevitable that the world of physical fashion, image, and style – key components of cultural values and identity – will merge with the realm of NFTs like we have already seen with the collectible and gaming sectors. And thus, we want to be at the forefront of this revolution. So, in August 2021 the concept was in motion with the successful soft launch of the first NFT snapback hat production run using CyberKong #327 (Cryptolander’s main Kong) as the brand asset.

  • Genesis Soft Launch:

    For the soft launch 275 Genesis O.G.C || KONGZ NFTsnapback NFT’s backed by a claimable physical snapback hat were created. The NFT’s were all airdropped to Genesis CyberKongz holders using a snapshot of wallet addresses at an agreed, and communicated, point in time through the smart contract. We also worked long and hard to source the finest quality suppliers, ensuring that our hats and customer experience deliver on the high standards on which we are building this premium brand.

    Community feedback for the initial proof of concept soft launch was amazing. And to build on this, for our full launch we have built out our own platform and smart contract that will make creating and claiming physical products even easier for all our customers and partners.

  • Launching with a Bang!

    To introduce O.G.C || NFTsnapback to the #NFTcommunity, we are excited to collaborate with 4 of the most impactful projects/Influencers in the NFT space! We love what these partners are doing and are privileged to be working with them to share our merchandise experiences with their members and communities.


    • Avastars Collab – one of the most established and engaged NFT communities. Hats will be branded with an NFT of a previous Co-Founder @NFT42. 100% of the proceeds will go to charity.

    • Cloudwhite Collab – an Influencer in the NFT space with a large and engaged following; and the Founder of $COKE Axie Infinity.

    • Eric P. Rhodes Collab – Founder of Unofficial Punks; and the brain behind the whole CryptoPunks derivatives movement.

    • Florian Tappeser Collab – a movie industry veteran who worked on many acclaimed animated hits like ‘Hotel Transylvania’ and ‘How to Train Your Dragon’; and is the Founder of the creative NFT project Drippieverse™.

    O.G.C || NFTsnapback are proud to be working with these incredible partners and communities. If you’d like to discuss a collab with your brand or project, please do get in touch. For further details, please download the NFTsnapback deck here.

  • Minting Pass:

    As well as our Collaborations service, O.G.C || NFTsnapback will also be offering a 1-of-1’s Mint Pass service. This service will be targeted towards a mass market audience by enabling anyone to turn their PFP or NFT collection item(s) into a redeemable physical and metaverse wearable item. Effectively we will be offering a customisable experience where for example, the owner of a CyberKongz, Bored Ape or any project can turn this NFT into a snapback hat. Taking personalised branding and merchandise to a whole new level! And just like with our Collaborations, all Mint Pass NFTsnapback physical hats come with an identical metaverse wearable hat to make digital avatars look even more amazing.

O.G.C || NFTsnapback

Our mission is to create a high end quality brand where our customers can be proud to wear and be utilised by the owner in the physical world, and in the digital world.

O.G.C || NFTsnapback Socials

Stay up to date and informed on the latest developments, product updates and drops on O.G.C || NFTsnapback.

O.G.C || NFTsnapback How Does It Work?

  • How to Purchase an O.G.C || NFTsnapback

    An NFTsnapback can be acquired either by one of the following ways:  

    1. By being part of a community and/or project we officially collaborate with. 

    2. By purchasing a Mint Pass – these can be bought on our minting page.

    3. On the secondary market. As Collaborations and Mint Pass quantities can be small, there might be an opportunity to purchase an unclaimed NFT on Opensea or Look Rare by searching for O.G.C || NFTsnapback.

  • Claim O.G.C || NFTsnapback

    To claim the physical item the owner of the NFTsnapback NFT will be required to burn the NFT (Series 1 KONGZ NFTs will not be burnable). Upon burning the NFT you will be required to fill out your shipping details. Once received, the hat will be dispatched to your physical location. We’ve even made this process more streamlined for you by providing a status tracker on your Account page; allowing you to keep track of your order even after the NFT is burnt.

  • O.G.C || NFTsnpaback Decentraland Wearable

    We have also created an O.G.C || NFTsnapback Decentraland wearable for all customers that claim their physical NFTsnapback hat. This wearable item will be airdropped to you at no additional cost, nor are there any additional steps required. Get ready to make your avatar an instant celebrity and trend setter in the metaverse!

Meet the Team

  • Cryptolander


    An experienced NFT investor having invested early in many emerging (and now blue chip) PFP and collectible trends. An influencer in the NFT space and a core community member of many of the leading projects/communities such as CyberKongz.

  • Heyotetsuo


    A full stack developer with over a 10+ years’ experience in programming. Proficient in Solidity, RUST, Python and React. Technical Lead on NFT/blockchain based projects: Art Block, MetaHero, and Pixel Vault.

  • Gadawe.Eth

    Head of Operations and Logistics

    10+ years’ management and leadership experience in warehousing and delivery, facilitating large scale logistical operations.

  • Anthony Williams

    Head of Finance and Analytics

    8+ years management and senior management experience in operations and finance. This includes managing a $500bn budget for a leading global transport and logistics provider.

O.G.C || NFTsnapback Charity Programme

Giving back is a key part of O.G.C’s business ethos.

The NFT space is all about community, whether that is building, sharing, or contributing. And thus, so too should projects in this space focus on building a narrative that is broader than just growth and profits. The narrative of reinvesting to improve outcomes is something that is a fundamental part of the O.G.C brand.

Our charity partners of choice will be varied, but initially focused on Africa given the background of the members of the founding team and how we believe we can best contribute to improving outcomes.

Over the years our team members have been involved in independent charitable giving such as providing tuition and Higher Education support for young people in East Africa, which is a focus that we would want to continue and scale as we have seen the impact of investment in education and boosting individual and collective prosperity.

Our Charitable Giving Programme will be funded from the following sources:

• 1.25% from all NFT royalties

• 10% of net profits.

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Freaquently Asked

Wanna Ask Something?

How do I use Matic Network to buy or claim Series 1 O.G.C || Kongz?

There are great tutorials that you can find and watch online via Youtube.

We have a link provided by EddieIsKong on his YouTube channel and can talk you through the steps, on how to use Polygon Matic Network.


How Do I know If the NFT Is Claimed Or Not?

For the Series 1 O.G.C.|| KONGZ, we have created a tool on our claiming page to see if the NFT has been claimed or not. Please do check before you consider buying to claim.

Use the Token I.D from the NFT you want to check on the Opensea Store and input the information on the claiming page. You will be able to find out if the NFT has been used or not.

On the Newer collection to come out, all claimed NFT's will be burned and only unclaimed NFT's will be on the open market, leaving less issues and concerns if you wish to buy one.

What if my order goes missing or damaged upon receiving the goods?

We send all order via track and signed and signing is required upon receiving the package.

If you see the package damaged in any way please don’t sign and inform them its damaged and insurance will be able to cover this and work on sending a replacement as soon as possible.

In regards to missing orders we will investigate as to see what occurred and be in direct communication to resolve it as best as possible.

Can I create my own 1-1 NFTsnapback?

This is something we are starving on to bring to the community and soon this will be possible.

Our Minting pass will enable this service for custom creation. Very soon announcement will be made on how to obtain it.

What if I want to create NFTsnapback for my project or community?

That is great we are happy to work with projects or influencers and proved NFTsnapback Merchandise.

Reach out via email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.